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The Honey Hunt

Create your own pollinator in the Honey Hunt game, and then avoid predators while trying to gather flower nectar to make into honey.

The main menu

The game's main menu.

Current level selection

Select which level you want to play with. Each level contains different plants and insects to discover.

Pollinator body type selection

Select which body type your pollinator will have. Small, medium or large.

Type of pollinator

Here you can select which type of pollinator you want to control.

Pollinator abilities

On this screen you are able to select the abilities of your pollinator.

Currently created pollinator

This is an overview of your currently created pollinator. View it's statistics, as well as relevant information and learn about each pollinator.

Instructions on using arrow keys to control character

During the game you will need to pollinate flowers. This is achieved by using the arrow keys to guide your pollinator to a flower and then tapping the space bar to pollinate.

Bugs are there to attack you. You must fly away from there.

Be careful! There are many bugs that are ready to attack your pollinator as you go around pollinating plants.

Review your score after your pollinators energy has worn out

Eventually you will be overcome and your bugs energy will have worn down. Review your score and see how well you did!

Games and Activities - The Honey Hunt