Pollination Conservation Challenge

Out and About

  1. Learn more about pollinators by visiting local museums, conservation areas and interpretive centres (see the Resources page for potential sites).
  2. Download our PlantSpotting App for your smartphone, so you can find and be inspired by pollinator gardens in your area.
  3. Help scientists study wild plants by participating in citizen science monitoring programs like PlantWatch (http://www.naturewatch.ca/english/plantwatch/).
  4. Do not pick wildflowers – leave them for the bees and butterflies!
  5. Avoid trampling and disturbing the habitats of wild species when on a nature hike by staying on designated trails.
  6. Wear good shoes when hiking in prairies (no bare feet or flip flops), to protect your feet in case you accidentally step on a bee or ant nest.
  7. If you feel an insect land on you, avoid automatically swatting it. If you swat a bee or wasp, you might drive its stinger into your body. Further, it may just be a harmless sweat bee or butterfly trying to lick the salt in your sweat.
  8. The best way to observe and photograph pollinators is to sit quietly near a patch of flowers and wait for them to show up. Move slowly to avoid startling them.
  9. The use of off-road vehicles can damage pollinator nests. Stay on established trails or get some exercise by walking.
Pollination Conservation Challenge - Out and About