Pollination IQ Answers

1. Approximately what percentage of the world’s major crop plants depend on pollinators?

Answer: c) 1/3

2. I’m a Sphinx moth that feeds at night. What colour are the plants I usually pollinate?

Answer: a) white

3. Which kind of prairie is not found in Canada?

Answer: d) Short Grass Prairie

4. The production of which beverage depends on a pollinator?

Answer: d) all of the above

5. I’m a hummingbird. What colour are the plants I typically pollinate?

Answer: b) red

6. Which insects are not pollinators?

Answer: d) ambush bugs

7. Which rare prairie plant is not pollinated by insects?

Answer: a) Buffalograss

8. After bees, which insect group pollinates the greatest number of plants in the Canadian prairies?

Answer: c) flies

9. I’m a worker bumblebee. Am I…

Answer: b) female

10. How many legs do insects have?

Answer: c) Six

11. Which plant part produces pollen?

Answer: a) Stamens

Pollination IQ Answers