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The Manitoba Museum gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada. Funding for production of the virtual tours was provided by the Heritage Grants Program, Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism Department of the Government of Manitoba and The Manitoba Museum Foundation.

The Manitoba Museum staff directly involved in the project includes:

  • Adèle Hempel – Director of Research, Collections & Exhibits
  • Dr. Diana Bizecki Robson – Curator of Botany
  • Melissa Pearn – Curatorial Assistant
  • Rebecca Bilsky – Curatorial Assistant
  • Dr. Randall Mooi – Curator of Zoology
  • Dr. Roland Sawatsky – Curator of History
  • Janis Klapecki – Natural History Collections Specialist
  • Betty-Ann Penner – Collections Database Administrator
  • Hanna Peters – Exhibits Manager
  • Cindi Steffan – Information Services Manager
  • Claire Zimmerman – Research, Collections & Exhibits Administrative Assistant
  • Scott Young -Manager of Science Communication & Visitor Experiences
  • Hans Thater – Technology and Multimedia Specialist
  • Lila Knox – Programs Manager
  • Jerome Marchildon – Program Developer
  • Greg Klassen – Communications & PR Manager

The Project Team includes:

  • Videography – Robert Zirk, Toastbot Media
  • Videography – Breanna Perrelli, Toastbot Media
  • Education Consultant – Angela Fey
  • Illustrator – Janet La France
  • Translator – Pierre Lemoine

Web site design and development by Relish New Brand Experience Inc.:

  • Suzanne Braun – Relish New Brand Experience Inc.
  • James Black – Relish New Brand Experience Inc.

We acknowledge and thank the following providers of information, time and images:

  • Christian Artuso
  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Carl Barrentine, University of North Dakota
  • Gerrie Barylski
  • Silvia Battaglini
  • Christie Borkowsky – Critical Wildlife Habitat Program
  • Cheryl E. Bradley
  • Sarah Coulber – Canadian Wildlife Federation
  • Marie Curtin
  • Dr. Art Davis – University of Saskatchewan
  • Bill Dean
  • Werner Eigelsreiter
  • Chris Friesen – Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship
  • Dr. Bruce Ford – University of Manitoba
  • Branimir Gjetvaj, Branimir Gjetvaj Photography
  • Cary Hamel – Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Matt Ireland
  • Marilena Kowalchuk – Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation
  • Matt Lavin
  • Stephen Luk, University of Guelph
  • Manitoba Conservation Data Centre
  • Stephen Marshall – University of Guelph
  • Gary McDonald
  • Kathy Murray – Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship
  • Bryan E. Reynolds – The Butterflies of the World Foundation –
  • Christa Rigney
  • Bjørn Rørslett
  • Sarah Semmler
  • Walter Siegmund
  • Cliff Wallis, Cottonwood Consultants
  • Dr. Richard Westwood – University of Manitoba
  • Alex Wild – Alex Wild Photography –
  • Diane Wilson
  • Dr. Anne Worley – University of Manitoba

Thank-you also to:

  • Manitoba Parks and Protected Areas
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Department of Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan



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